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At InstaToll Zimbabwe, we pioneer smart road management and tolling solutions, enhancing connectivity across major road networks. As a leader in the tolling industry since 2011, we manage an extensive network including 9 toll plazas and maintain 820 kilometers of road, ensuring smooth and efficient travel for thousands daily.






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InstaToll Zimbabwe is an exclusive provider to the operations and maintenance services on the designated route and toll sections InstaToll Zimbabwe has played a key role as a co developer of the Zimbabwe Road Rehabilitation project working with ZINARA in Zimbabwe to rehabilitate, maintain and operate the stretch of road from Plumtree to Mutare This is for a duration of 20 years, through a Special Purpose Vehicle called Infralink We are the leading independent motorway operator in Zimbabwe with a strong development focus on operating and maintaining the highway and designated toll plazas Currently we are operating 40 toll lanes and 820 kilometers of road InstaToll Zimbabwe employs approximately 449 employees in Zimbabwe Average traffic processed per day is 39 828 and revenue is 139 400 USD per day There are 29 tollgates in Zimbabwe and InstaToll contributes 46 of the revenue processed The other 54 comes from 20 tollgates by a different systems provider This is testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and toll system.

Our Solutions

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Toll Plaza Operations &  Maintenance

InstaToll Africa excels in the efficient operation and meticulous maintenance of toll plazas. Our expertise ensures seamless transactions for traveler's and steadfast reliability for infrastructure, contributing to a smooth travel experience and sustained road quality.

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Systems Supply

Our comprehensive systems supply service provides cutting-edge tolling technology designed to streamline toll operations. InstaToll Africa’s robust systems are crafted to deliver reliability and enhance the efficiency of toll collection, ensuring our clients have access to the latest in toll technology.

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Routine Road Maintenance

We offer routine road maintenance to uphold road safety and quality. Our services include essential upkeep such as verge clearing, drainage cleaning, and pothole repair, preserving the integrity of roadways and ensuring the comfort and safety of all road users.

Border Post and Weigh Bridge Management 

InstaToll Africa manages border post operations and weigh bridge services to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border transportation. Our management solutions help maintain the smooth flow of trade and travel, while ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

Parking Management and Access Control

Our parking management and access control services provide secure, user-friendly solutions. From multi-story car parks to restricted access areas, we deliver systems that ensure ease of use for customers while maintaining high levels of security and control for premises.

Energy and Storage Solutions:

InstaToll Africa is at the forefront of providing innovative energy and storage solutions. Our services include the integration of solar power systems and advanced battery storage technology, allowing for greener, more efficient energy management in various operations.

At InstaToll Zimbabwe, we uphold the highest standards of road safety and efficiency through our comprehensive maintenance services:

Road Inspections: Regular assessments for immediate and planned maintenance.
Traffic Management: Strategies to minimise disruptions and maximise safety.
Pavement Maintenance: Prompt sealing and patching to extend road life.
Slope and Drainage Care: Stabilisation and cleaning to prevent hazards.
Clearance Operations: Removal of refuse, debris, and abandoned vehicles for safer travel.
Signage and Road Stud Maintenance: Ensuring clear visibility and accurate information.

Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Industry Leading

With a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years in burgeoning markets across Asia, South America, and Africa, including Brazil, India, and Bangladesh, InstaToll Africa excels in adjusting to diverse market conditions and delivering a wide array of both operational and technical solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Our established dominance as a market leader is rooted in our operations within South Africa, where we manage over 800 KMS of national toll roads in strategic partnership with The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL). InstaToll Africa continues to be a driving force in the implementation of Electronic Toll Collection throughout the nation.

Our Partners

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