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Company Profile 

For over three decades, InstaToll Africa has stood at the forefront of intelligent transportation and road management systems across the continent. With a legacy stretching back 35 years, our financial strength, experience, and quality assurance certifications underscore our position as market leaders and preferred partners in the infrastructure management industry.


Our Mission

To be a globally competitive provider of intelligent transportation and road management systems solutions to our stakeholders based on innovative technologies and platforms. 

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To be the leading African Transport and Infrastructure management systems company that consistently pursues sustainable growth and enhances corporate value. 



Our People: At the heart of our success
Commitment: To excellence in all endeavours
Integrity: The foundation of our business ethics
Innovation: Driving technological advancements
Customer Focus: Tailoring solutions to meet client needs
Team Work: Collaborating for greater achievements

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Interpark’s first toll operations project in South Africa. 

Interpark forms Intertoll to take over growing toll operations business.

Intertoll goes international.

Intertoll secures its first concession in Europe.

Group Five buy controlling stake in Intertoll.

Intertoll Africa takes over toll system maintenance , E&M, maintenance and route patrol. 

Intertoll develops its own Toll manangement systetem and AVC.

Intertoll opens 840km project in Zimbabwe.

Mabentu consortium together with management take over Intertoll from Group Five. 

Intertoll changes its name to InstaToll
InstaToll develops renewable energy strategy based on its Zimbabwe implementations. 

Smart Transport Solutions 

Industry Leading

Our Track Record

With a wealth of experience spanning over twenty years in burgeoning markets across Asia, South America, and Africa, including Brazil, India, and Bangladesh, InstaToll Africa excels in adjusting to diverse market conditions and delivering a wide array of both operational and technical solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Our established dominance as a market leader is rooted in our operations within South Africa, where we manage over 800 KMS of national toll roads in strategic partnership with The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL). InstaToll Africa continues to be a driving force in the implementation of Electronic Toll Collection throughout the nation.

Our Services

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Toll Plaza Operations and Maintenance

InstaToll Africa excels in the efficient operation and meticulous maintenance of toll plazas. Our expertise ensures seamless transactions for traveler's and steadfast reliability for infrastructure, contributing to a smooth travel experience and sustained road quality.

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Systems Supply

Our comprehensive systems supply service provides cutting-edge tolling technology designed to streamline toll operations. InstaToll Africa’s robust systems are crafted to deliver reliability and enhance the efficiency of toll collection, ensuring our clients have access to the latest in toll technology.

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Routine Road Maintenance

We offer routine road maintenance to uphold road safety and quality. Our services include essential upkeep such as verge clearing, drainage cleaning, and pothole repair, preserving the integrity of roadways and ensuring the comfort and safety of all road users.

Border Post and Weigh Bridge Management 

InstaToll Africa manages border post operations and weigh bridge services to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border transportation. Our management solutions help maintain the smooth flow of trade and travel, while ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

Parking Management and Access Control

Our parking management and access control services provide secure, user-friendly solutions. From multi-story car parks to restricted access areas, we deliver systems that ensure ease of use for customers while maintaining high levels of security and control for premises.

Energy and Storage Solutions:

InstaToll Africa is at the forefront of providing innovative energy and storage solutions. Our services include the integration of solar power systems and advanced battery storage technology, allowing for greener, more efficient energy management in various operations.


At InstaToll Africa, we excel in crafting tailored solutions that precisely meet our clients' unique needs by leveraging our extensive global network of partner financial institutions. Our company is ingrained with a culture of perseverance, and we are committed to seeking a synergy of interests with our clients. This approach ensures the development of enduring and cost-effective solutions. InstaToll Africa empowers Road Funds and Toll Road Developers by instilling in-house tolling expertise within the Project Company, thereby minimising collection risks – a vital component for the financial feasibility of many projects.

For instance, InstaToll Africa was instrumental as a co-developer in the Zimbabwe Road Rehabilitation project, partnering with ZINARA to refurbish, maintain, and manage the 840 km corridor from Plumtree to Mutare over 20 years via a Special Purpose Vehicle, Infralink.

As the premier independent highway operator in Southern Africa, our vision is to enhance our development focus on the North-South Corridor Initiative. We are vigorously engaged in a multitude of projects as both a co-developer and as an operations & maintenance collaborator for roads and bridges, aiming to broaden our operational reach into East and West Africa.

Presently, we oversee more than 200 toll lanes and 1,500 kilometers of roads, and our team of over 1,000 employees in Southern Africa is a testament to our scale and commitment. InstaToll Africa generates upwards of half a million USD in daily revenue for our clients, with our busiest toll plaza accommodating 45,000 vehicles per day.

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We are working in the transportation industry for 20 years and the quality is an essential part of the work with our clients. We can present the licenses and rewards of your workers to assure you that your goods are in the right hands.
During transportation, nothing would happen with your products as everything's thought through thoroughly. Also, you can find feedbacks of our clients and companies on our site.

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Please write us at any time you would have any kind of concern or question. We would enjoy to help you.

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